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We deliver best-in-class telecom, cloud, IT and continuity solutions from 100+ suppliers through a network of more than 3,000 expert technology sales partners.
Solving Technology Complexity
Thousands of small, medium and enterprises organizations count on our solutions experts to take the complexity out of selecting and sourcing telecom, IT and cloud services.

Get Out of the Telecom & IT Business and Back to Managing Yours

Communications and IT services are more complex than ever, with an array of cross-industry suppliers offering everything from bandwidth and backup to software-as-a-service (SaaS) and all things cloud. Which providers are best depends on product, region, technology and app, and pricing varies wildly.

Keeping track of it all is a full-time job, and even then only those immersed in telecom and IT services on a daily basis know which providers are best for your needs, and whether or not you’re paying too much.

US Computek consultants take away the headaches of managing these services so you can focus on your own business with the confidence that an independent expert is making sure you always have the best services at the best prices.


Cloud has forever changed the way we source and consume technology. Moving to cloud-based infrastructure and applications has become a strategic consideration for organizations of all sizes due to its potential to improve business outcomes across the board, including

  • Reducing capex spending/moving to opex
  • Lowering barriers to entry and leveling the playing field
  • Increasing scalability and agility
  • Connecting remote and mobile workforces
  • Accelerating speed to market and innovation
  • Minimizing risk of technology obsolescence
  • Supporting business continuity and disaster recovery plans
  • Reducing the burden on internal IT staff

Whether you are new or native to the cloud, US Computek can connect you with an ecosystem of partners source and deploy public, private and hybrid cloud solutions that ensure reliability, security and performance now and in the future, ensuring that your organization gets the most out of cloud economies and capabilities.


With more than 100 service provider partnerships, US Computek offers the full spectrum of voice solutions to fit any size business, budget or requirement. Whether you have a single location or multiple offices nationwide or globally, we can customize a thoughtful, cost-effective solution built around your needs and objectives.

Our team has decades of experience working with enterprises to get the most out of traditional analog and digital voice solutions. We also have extensive experience with transitioning companies from legacy systems and services to cloud-based solutions that deliver cost savings, advanced features, geographic flexibility and disaster recovery while eliminating the need for capital purchases.

We have sourced and secured plain old telephone service (POTS), conferencing, primary rate interface (PRI), SIP Trunking and hosted PBX solutions for thousands of enterprises. Whatever your organization’s size, infrastructure and requirements are, we will identify the right solution to maximize your productivity and keep your business running smoothly.

Business Continuity

When an organization’s communications and IT infrastructure is impaired by human error, power failure, natural or man-made disaster, time is money. The average annual cost of business interruption is more than $400,000, according to the Aberdeen Group. Quite simply, your organization cannot afford to ignore business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

Sander Partners can help by offering continuous network monitoring as well as redundant network options to ensure uptime for voice and data communications. It also can recommend cloud data backup and recovery as well as cloud computing and communications solutions, which are inherently disaster proof.


As organizations become more dependent on technology, they also are at greater risk from cyber-attacks and data breaches due to human or system error.  Indeed, analysts at Juniper Research project that data breaches will cost businesses more than $2 trillion globally by 2019, an increase of nearly 400 percent.

With the uptick in cyber crime and the increased exposure from mobile endpoints, it’s clear that organizations must do more to stay ahead of threats and effectively manage risk. US Computek and its security providers can help with a range of managed network and security solutions.


In today’s competitive business environment, the ability to make effective decisions in a shorter timeframe is central to success, which is why organizations are increasingly adopting mobile tools that reduce “time-to-decision,” according to a recent study published by Aberdeen Group.  In fact, the study suggests that best-in-class companies are 56 percent more likely than their peers to utilize mobile devices in their day-to-day operations.


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