8 Email Scam Alerts

8 Email Scam Alerts It is now more important than ever to take cyber security extremely seriously in order to prevent an attack. As cybercriminals up their game and catch even the most vigilant of individuals via various spoofed emails, take a look at these scam email warning signs, which your employees should be looking out […]

7 Windows 10 security features that could help prevent cyberattacks against your business

As the cybersecurity threat landscape expands, Windows 10 users should be aware of several features included in the platform to help protect enterprise data, Alexander Benoit, senior consultant and head of Competence Center Microsoft at sepago, said in a session at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando on Wednesday. Enterprises face phishing attacks, ransomware, spyware, keyloggers, worms, and […]

Ransomeware 2017

Ransomware is a form of malware that targets both human and technical weaknesses in organizations and individual networks in an effort to deny the availability of critical data and systems. Ransomware is frequently delivered through spear phishing e-mails to end users. When the victim organization determines they are no longer able to access their data, […]

2016 US Computek Internet Crime Report

IC3 USComputek/ Releases Annual Report Highlighting Trends in Internet Crime Giving someone access to your computer is like giving out a key to your front door. A computer can have your bank account information, family photos, and other private documents and data—information that fraudsters would like to steal. That’s why tech support fraud has become […]