Network, server, telephone, and computer relocation


Pre-move Hardware Audit/Site Survey

A Technology Movers representative will evaluate your computing environment, help determine requirements, and develop a plan to provide you with a smooth, hassle-free Moving. Technology Movers will then perform a pre-move inventory of all equipment designated to be moved – this confirms what peripherals and cables employees have prior to the move. The document created for this step eliminates any confusion over specialized devices at any desktop and ensures that each employee receives the same components after the move.

Spin Down

Our network engineers properly spin down servers as directed by your IT staff. Our technicians spin down workstations.


Our trained technicians make the disconnects and gather all cables and peripherals.

Packaging & Labeling

Technology Movers identifies and packs your systems to protect from in-transit shock or damage. Each workstation is tagged, major components are bubble wrapped, minor peripherals and cords are packed in zip lock bags.


Once systems are packed, transportation is provided by a qualified professional carrier who will transport your equipment safely to your new location. Workstations are deployed after furniture is in place at the new location.

Re-installation and Reconnect Service

Technicians will unpack and reconnect workstations, power on test, and post move inventory.

Connectivity Test

If this optional service is ordered, our technicians will follow your IT department’s connectivity test. Details are planned with your IT department prior to the project


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