Reddit just announced a data breach that’s exposed sensitive customer info

Reddit just announced a data breach that’s exposed sensitive customer info

Here’s what you need to know about the Reddit breach:

  • On June 19, Reddit learned that between June 14-18, hackers were able to access two databases through Reddit employees’ accounts.
  • The first database included early Reddit user data, from the site’s launch in 2005 through May 2007. User info that was accessed by intruders includes usernames, passwords, email addresses and all content, including postings and private messages, from that period.
  • The second database accessed by hackers contained all the logs for the email digests sent out by Reddit between June 3-17, 2018. User info in that database includes email addresses, usernames and the names of any safe-for-work subreddits users are subscribed to.

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How to protect your info after this breach

To support you during this time, we’ve put together some guidelines to help you protect yourself:

  • Check out the Reddit help page on how to remove user data like posts, private messages and chats, if you’re a Redditor worried your real identity could be exposed.
    Enable two-factor authentication on your Reddit accounts.
  • Update your password on your Reddit accounts, and if you use that password in other places, especially if your info was accessed in the first database, then you should change those passwords as well.
  • Beware of phishing scams in which fraudsters use the info they know about you, like your Reddit username, to get you to divulge personal info through email.
  • Check your Experian credit report regularly to keep an eye on any unauthorized activity.

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