Smart Alert™

Smart Alert™ by US Computek is an unlimited IT support service with built in artificial intelligence that automatically monitors, alerts, and notifies our team in real-time of any potential computer, server, and/or network problems heading our way.  We have advance log monitoring and algorithms that will create automatic trouble tickets, send emails, trigger text message alerts, and color code alerts within our Network Operations Center.  US Computek offers your business an advance IT solution allowing you to have a professional IT department to your disposal for a fix fee.  US Computek can manage your network, server, wi-fi and workstation support with unlimited IT helpdesk support.  Our Smart Alert™ service monitors, reports, alerts, and can resolve problems before they happen.  Smart Alert™ by US Computek of comes in four flavors:

Smart Alert™ Network


We manage your router, firewall, and internet services keeping your business online and secure

Smart Alert™ Server

We manage your servers’ hardware, software, security, and connectivity keeping your business operations and applications running

Smart Alert™ Workstation

We manage your business computers hardware, software, security, and connectivity so your employees are always up productive

Smart Alert™ Wi-Fi


We manage, monitor, and resolve all of your Wi-Fi network problems whether you have once access point or hundreds of points we make it easy to guarantee your Wi-Fi is always up and running professionally and secured.

US Computek, Inc offers a fix fee for IT services to fit your business needs.   Smart Alert™ by US Computek gives you the peace of mind to have a fix back-office cost for all your business IT service needs.  Smart Alert™ by US Computek provides business customers with unlimited helpdesk for network, server, wi-fi, and workstation support.  Even if your employees contact us 100 times per month we will never charge your company per hour or additional excessive fees for our support.  With any Smart Alert™ service we bundle onsite support as well.  If we can’t fix the issue remote will have one of our experience technicians onsite within the same day or next day depending on the level of severity.

We are one of the few IT companies that promote business IT continuity for a fix fee.  We monitor and update your networks, servers, wi-fi, and computers for a fix fee.  We execute computer updates, maintenance, and upgrades during the evenings, so we don’t interrupt the productivity of your employees and business.  We have team of specialist from install technicians, network technicians, to network engineers.


Why US Computek should be your IT Department:

  1. Our staff if background checked
  2. Our staff if drugged checked
  3. Extremely professional staff
  4. Our staff is monitored by the second we log all changes made on your network
  5. Unlimited Remote support
  6. Onsite support included for a fix fee
  7. Regular maintenance daily
  8. Proactive resolution vs reactive
  9. Daily, weekly, and monthly reports easy to understand with colorful graphs
  10. Dedicated technicians, engineers, and account manager
  11. No Drive charges to come to your site
  12. Software, security, and logs monitored 24/7
  13. Hardware, disk space, CPU utilization, and memory utilization monitored 24/7
  14. Internet routers, modems and firewalls are monitored 24/7
  15. Telephone service monitored 24/7
  16. Internet service provider connections are monitored 24/7
  17. Remote Helpdesk support available for all networks, servers and workstations
  18. We can tailor 1, 2, and 3-year contracts to meet your business needs.
  19. Feel free and comfortable to know you have a trust worthy IT department.
  20. Low setup fees and monthly investments.


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